Product Reviews

"Shine Athletica embodies everything I love about health, fitness, and fashion. Great fit, comfortable, super cute, with motivating messages."

-Lea Genders, Running With Ollie

"These pants performed beautifully on all fronts – especially the gym during my own workout. No riding or pinching or gapping of any kind."

-Cassye Delphy, 43 Fitness

"[Shine Athletica's Bootcut Yoga Pants] were super comfortable and form-fitting. I was able to squat, run, and jump in them without them rolling up, giving me a wedgie, or annoying me. This was a PLUS. I love the fabric-it is high quality and very dynamic. I also did not sweat in these! The fabric was breathable!

-Sia Cooper, Diary of a Fit Mommy

"My tank fit amazing and it felt so soft!"..."These tanks are super soft and light weight so you don’t feel like they are clinging to you while working out. I like my workout apparel to be loose fitting and breathable – this one surely is"

-Adrienne Delli Santi, Jersey Girl Talk