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What is Spin?

Posted on 27th Jul 2016

Spin Sweat Smile Tank Top

What is Spin?

Typically done in a group setting, Spin is a type of exercise that utilizes a stationary bike with multiple different levels of resistance. Spin primarily works your leg muscles including your hamstrings, calves, and thighs. Spin also raises your heart rate and is a great form of cardio.

Within the Spin spectrum, there are various types of classes that you can take. For example, Soul Cycle is an independent studio that incorporates inspirational music, mood lighting, and even hand weights into the workout. I would recommend this type of workout for someone who wants to do spin frequently. If you like to do your workouts alone, like me, you can always hop on a bike at the gym and control your own time and resistance at your own pace.

I encourage you to try Spin and see if it is something that you may enjoy doing a few times a week or every day!

And when you hop on the bike, make sure you rock one of our Spin Sweat Smile racerback tank tops! We offer this style in several colors and sizes.

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