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What Is Barre Workout?

Posted on 7th Jul 2016

What Is Barre Workout

Sometimes instead of my weight lifting routine I like getting a total body workout by doing an activity at home that is fun and a little different. Barre training is an option that I sometimes go to for that total body workout! 

Barre infuses dance with Pilates and yoga type movements, focusing most of your energy on small, isometric moves that are done in longer sets. This can be done with or without hand weights, depending on your fitness level.

The reason I really like Barre is because it makes me use and condition muscles that I don’t typically utilize in my day-to-day weight lifting training. Barre also focuses a lot of energy on balance and stability. This can help to improve your posture, while also helping to tone your body. 

Typically Barre studios incorporate a ballet Barre while working your legs and inner thighs. There are many different levels of Barre classes, so don’t be intimidated - if you're new to Barre, try a beginner's class either alone or with a friend! I personally like doing Barre at home, so if you want to try it out before going, the Internet has lots of free Barre workouts!

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