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The Benefits of Weight Training

Posted on 16th Jun 2016

I have to admit I never really enjoyed team sports. I think it has to do with not wanting to be competitive with others. I would rather be competitive with myself, which is why I enjoy weight training so much. At first, it was a bit intimidating being in a weight room with mostly men. However, once I became comfortable with who I was and what I enjoyed doing, it became much easier and non-threatening.

Benefits of Weight Training

Besides being a great way to burn off energy, steam, or stress, weight training has many benefits. First off, lifting improves your metabolism, mood, and makes your bones stronger. Basically, lifting will help your body in the long run, helping you to live a longer, stronger, and healthier life. Lifting also helps you develop your core, and also helps develop hand-eye coordination. This can be very beneficial to your performance if you do play team sports. Lastly, it lowers your risk of developing health issues such as diabetes, heart issues, and blood-sugar problems. 

Overall, lifting weights is a great activity that has many positive aspects to it. Before beginning to lift, make sure you are using the correct amount of weight for your strength level in order to stay safe. Happy Lifting!

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