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The Benefits of Running

Posted on 1st Jul 2016

Benefits of Running Shine Athletica Runner Tank Top

Whenever I feel like I need to clear my mind, I usually go on a run. For some reason, it always works for me in order to blow off steam, let stress go, or just to burn off energy. Besides the personal benefits listed above, there are many other positive payouts your body receives from running!

The Benefits of Running

#1- Running Reduces Risks

Running can actually help in reducing your risk for many health risks. Because running makes your heart literally stronger, it helps prevent things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart attacks. It helps your immune system stay in check while also creating endorphins, the happy little hormone that makes you feel good!

#2- Running Increases Confidence

A year and a half ago, I ran my one and only half-marathon. I was completely intimidated by it at first, but after training for about two and a half months, I felt so good about running the race that it literally did not seem hard at all. Achieving that milestone helped my confidence both mentally and physically. It also helped me feel like I belonged to a different community.

#3- Running Gets You Toned

Running not only works your legs, it also works your core and your biceps. By swinging your arms while running, you are helping to make your biceps stronger, and your core works by keeping your body posture correct.

Whether you are training for a 5K, half-marathon, or just feel like running, enjoy it and know that you are doing an exercise that is great for your mental and physical health! Be proud, and show off your dedication with the Shine Athletica RUNNER racerback tank top. Available here in a multitude of colors and sizes!

Shine Athletica Runner Racerback Tank Top

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