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What is HASFIT?

Posted by on 16th Aug 2018

Like many of us, balancing life is more than a challenge! From grocery shopping to paying bills, where is there room for self care? The answer: you have to build it in. As a former social worker, I can tell you that self-care is the number one element in your daily life that has to happen in order for you to fully be capable to help others. Makes sense, right? Put your oxygen mask on before putting your child's mask on. Which brings me to working out, and introducing you to HASFIT!

Heart and Soul Fitness is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on completing at-home workouts both with and without equipment. It requires no membership, and stays motivational and positive throughout! Coach Kozak and his wife, Claudia often offer two different versions of the workout: modified and advanced. Some are more high intensive cardio for the advanced move, while some moves may be simply increasing or decreasing weight. They have videos practically for every fitness level possible, and offer fitness routines from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So come join the HASFIT tribe and start feeling great about yourself! I completed a workout today called "20 minute HIIT with weights". Below is the link to it. Enjoy!

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Sweat-Free Abs: Review of JessicaSmithTV 10-Minute Abs Workout

Sweat-Free Abs I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I find myself needing a little workout in the middle of the day that doesn’t make me sweat profusely! Whether you work in corporate America and need to look presentable at a meeting in 30 minutes, or you are meeting a friend for lunch [...]

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What is Spin?

What is Spin? Typically done in a group setting, Spin is a type of exercise that utilizes a stationary bike with multiple different levels of resistance. Spin primarily works your leg muscles including your hamstrings, calves, and thighs. Spin also raises your heart rate and is a great form of cardio. Within the Spin spectrum, there [...]

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Be One with Nature

Although my husband and I love to be outdoors, we aren’t the outdoor sports “enthusiasts” that many people are! We like to hike, bike, and be one with nature, but on a simpler scale. For a long time, I felt like I shouldn’t go on the beautiful bike trails near the Ozark Mountains because I [...]

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What Is Body Combat?

What is Body Combat? There are so many classes to choose from at the gym that sometimes it can be overwhelming! Today, we will break down what exactly Body Combat is, and explore if it is the right workout for you. Body Combat typically uses self-defense moves to work your entire body without actually coming in contact [...]

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Popsugar Workout Videos: Review of 10-Minute Core Workout on YouTube

10-Minute Core Workout (POPSUGAR Class FitSugar) Today I squeezed in a short, 10-minute core-focused workout from FitSugar, which was energizing and a great fitness routine that taught me a few new ways to work my abs instead of boring crunches! The video is about 10 minutes in duration, including a short warm-up. Since it is short in [...]

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Shine Athletica Home Workout Video: Swing Workout in the Park

Today we are going to show you a few ways you can get fit in the park! Move #1- Swing Row: Take the swing up to about your chest height and lean back slightly. Try to bring the swing up to a 45 degree angle and back down. I would recommenced 10-15 reps for 2-3 rounds [...]

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Best Weights for Women - Our Favorite Weights for Working Out at Home

Working out from home a few times a week can sound boring or monotonous if you do the same video or type of fitness training each time. For a lot of us, the gym gets us out of the house and has all of the equipment we need at our fingertips. To be honest, though, [...]

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Shine Athletica Home Workout Video: Alternative Bicep and Tricep Exercises

In this video we cover 3 alternative bicep and tricep moves: Move #1- Hammer Curl Take your weights into your hands and hold them in an upright position. I am using 10 lb weights, and would recommend doing 2 sets of 15 reps. Simply bring the weights straight up to where the top of the weight is [...]

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Review of #FITIN15 #Workout 14: "Boot Camp Blow Out!" YouTube Video

Ever want to do a workout at home and not think about what the next move is going to be, or how long the workout may keep going? If so, Jessica Smith TV’s “Boot Camp Blowout” is the perfect 15-minute workout for you! If you want to make the workout more intense, there is an option [...]

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