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Sweat-Free Abs: Review of JessicaSmithTV 10-Minute Abs Workout

Posted on 28th Jul 2016

JessicaSmithTV Abs Workout Video

Sweat-Free Abs

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I find myself needing a little workout in the middle of the day that doesn’t make me sweat profusely! Whether you work in corporate America and need to look presentable at a meeting in 30 minutes, or you are meeting a friend for lunch soon, having to re-do makeup and hair is a pain!

Jessica Smith TV offers a 10-15 minute ab circuit video that works for me when I need that non-sweaty quick workout. The reason I say non-sweaty is that it is 100% focused on your core with no high-intensity moves and no cardio warm-up. This workout takes you through two complete rounds of 5 different exercises. The first round allows you to become familiar with the moves, and the second round offers additional ways to modify the exercises if you want to make your workout more challenging. 

Overall I would recommend this workout to beginner, intermediate, and advanced individuals. Watch the video below to try it for yourself!

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