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Fun Summer Activities - Get Active Outdoors!

Posted on 27th Jun 2016

Fun Summer Activities

Summer is one of the most fun seasons to be outdoors and to be one with nature! There are plenty of fitness-related activities that you can do and enjoy that are fun and sometimes even free:

Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

If you live near a lake, you should definitely check out stand-up paddle-boarding! This activity takes the concept of a surfboard and combines it with rowing. This relaxing yet fitness-inspired exercise works your core, challenges your balance, and can be a whole-body workout depending on what your goals are. I would recommend this activity for any fitness level, beginner to advanced.

Sand Volleyball

There are many meet-up groups and summer leagues if volleyball is your thing! From hand-eye coordination to cardio movements, sand volleyball (beach volleyball) is another total-body workout that isn’t just your same old gym experience. Another benefit to sand volleyball is that the sand is an unstable, shifting surface, making it more difficult to move around. This challenge will most definitely work your body even more.


Yoga in the summer is a great way to connect with nature while also getting a workout in! Whether you are doing yoga in a group or alone, practicing outdoors can enhance your experience and allow you to let go of the stressors that you may be dealing with in the real world. Again, I would recommend this activity for any fitness level. You can also find so many videos from beginner to advanced online if you prefer to practice at home or on vacation.

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