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What is HASFIT?

Posted by on 16th Aug 2018

Like many of us, balancing life is more than a challenge! From grocery shopping to paying bills, where is there room for self care? The answer: you have to build it in. As a former social worker, I can tell you that self-care is the number one element in your daily life that has to happen in order for you to fully be capable to help others. Makes sense, right? Put your oxygen mask on before putting your child's mask on. Which brings me to working out, and introducing you to HASFIT!

Heart and Soul Fitness is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on completing at-home workouts both with and without equipment. It requires no membership, and stays motivational and positive throughout! Coach Kozak and his wife, Claudia often offer two different versions of the workout: modified and advanced. Some are more high intensive cardio for the advanced move, while some moves may be simply increasing or decreasing weight. They have videos practically for every fitness level possible, and offer fitness routines from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. So come join the HASFIT tribe and start feeling great about yourself! I completed a workout today called "20 minute HIIT with weights". Below is the link to it. Enjoy!

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Shine Athletica Home Workout Video: Shoulders & Back

Today we are focusing on a set of moves to strengthen shoulders and back. Moves #1 and # 2- Lateral Raises: this works your deltoid muscles (shoulders). This exercise builds up the size of your shoulders, and also helps to stabilize the strength of the shoulders, making other lifting activities easier. This exercise also [...]

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