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Shine Athletica Home Workout Video: Park Bench Exercises

Posted on 11th Jul 2016

Park Bench Exercises

Today, we are going to show you moves you can use at any park bench!

Move #1- Step-Up Hip Abductor
Place one foot on the bench while other is grounded on the floor. Lift up and raise standing leg up to hip height and back down to the ground. This move is working and strengthening your hip abductors. I would recommend 10-12 of these on each side for two rounds.

Move #2- Toe Tap on Bench
Place one foot on the bench, alternate tapping the bench with the tip of your foot. I would do 15-20 reps of these for 2-3 rounds. This is working your legs, and also getting cardio in at the same time.

Move #3- Raised Lunge

Place one foot on the bench and one on the ground in a lunge position. Balance yourself down and up into a lunge, repeating 10-12 times on each side for 2-3 rounds. This move is strengthening your legs and working your core.

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