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Review of #FITIN15 #Workout 14: "Boot Camp Blow Out!" YouTube Video

Posted on 28th Jun 2016

Ever want to do a workout at home and not think about what the next move is going to be, or how long the workout may keep going? If so, Jessica Smith TV’s “Boot Camp Blowout” is the perfect 15-minute workout for you!

If you want to make the workout more intense, there is an option of using the dumbbell of your choice. Other than that option, equipment is not needed at all. All of the moves in this video are total body, and they become familiar quickly as you follow along. 

The layout that Jessica uses is doing 5 moves for three rounds each, pausing for about a 30-40 second break in between rounds. It was helpful for me, after going through the first round, to not have to look at the screen the entire time. This allowed me to focus more on my form since those are the only 5 moves you do throughout. It is also a great second workout during the day if you need a pick me up, or felt like your first workout just didn’t cut it! Jessica Smith also talks to you during the workout, which is nice positive reinforcement when you want to take a break! 

Overall, I would recommend trying this video for any level of fitness. You can make it however intense you would like it to be! Watch the video below:

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