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Popsugar Workout Videos: Review of 10-Minute Core Workout on YouTube

Posted on 18th Jul 2016

Popsugar Workout Videos

10-Minute Core Workout (POPSUGAR Class FitSugar)

Today I squeezed in a short, 10-minute core-focused workout from FitSugar, which was energizing and a great fitness routine that taught me a few new ways to work my abs instead of boring crunches!

The video is about 10 minutes in duration, including a short warm-up. Since it is short in length, there is no water break- they simply move into each exercise right after the last one is done. 

This video focused a lot of its content on planking positions, which was challenging yet invigorating for me. This workout also included a push-up-burpee combination, which really got my heart rate going. FitSugar also incorporated a runner’s crunch, which I liked because it was a new way that I can work a core move into my fitness regimen at the gym or at home. I love when I learn new moves that challenge my body. There are modifications to each set within this video, so it is appropriate for any fitness level. 

Overall, this was a great short but to the point workout that you can do practically anywhere with no equipment! Watch the video below if you would like to try this high-energy workout!

10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar

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