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Buti Yoga Review - A Heart-Pumping Mix of Yoga and Cardio

Posted on 24th Jun 2016

What Is Buti Yoga

A few years ago, a friend who is also into fitness introduced me to the concept of Buti Yoga, developed by Bizzie Gold. I have a hard time practicing yoga simply because my mind sometimes does not want to stop and have that “zen moment."

Buti Yoga, on the other hand, is a high-intensity and high-energy level type of training that engages all muscle groups and uses no equipment. I personally enjoy it because you can do it anywhere, and it really is a one-of- a-kind experience when practicing it!

Recently I completed her 10-minute Buti-Dance Workout to have a little bit more energy in the afternoon, and it worked wonders! This video will walk you through a sample of the types of movements involved in a full-length Buti workout. Even if you can’t completely keep up the first time, don’t give up! 

Bizzie also gives you the option to perform some of the moves on your knees if you need a modification. I would recommend this short workout to anyone is curious about what Buti Yoga is all about! This video does not have a long warm-up, so if you feel that is an important element to your workout, I would recommend doing some brief dynamic stretching. Have fun!

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