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Best Weights for Women - Our Favorite Weights for Working Out at Home

Posted on 12th Jul 2016

Best Weights for Women

Working out from home a few times a week can sound boring or monotonous if you do the same video or type of fitness training each time. For a lot of us, the gym gets us out of the house and has all of the equipment we need at our fingertips. To be honest, though, there are one to two days out of my workweek that I just need more time, so I do a fitness routine at home. Here are a few of the pieces of equipment that I bought and use in a variety of ways for at-home workouts.

Best Weights for Women

Light Set of Dumbbells

Typically at the gym I do heavy lifting since those weights are available (and a lot more expensive to own). Owning a lighter set of weights challenges me to do different activities when I do a workout at home such as barre. It reminds me that I need to work muscle groups which I don’t always pay attention to at the gym. And, the smaller the weights, the more affordable they are! I own 3 lb weights, and only paid about $10.00 for them. It is definitely worth the money to me instead of paying to take a class or have a membership for a studio.

Light and Heavy Kettlebells

On the weekends my husband and I like to work out from home together at least one day in order to save time for other things we may have going on. Because we both love lifting weights, we purchased two 25 lb kettlebells to get that “lifting” feel. Performing kettlebell workouts together has allowed us to learn a new type of fitness activity as well as to challenge each other. I also own a 15 lb kettlebell for a shorter, or second, workout for the day.

Medium Set of Dumbbells

I really like ab workouts that involve weights. OK, let’s be honest, I really like any type of workout that involves weights. Lots of times in the afternoon, I get tired and need an energy boost. I typically will do a 10-15 minute ab workout with 10 lb weights to work both my core and arms. Although these heavier weights were a bit more expensive, for my lifestyle it was worth the extra dollars.

Maybe a few of the above ideas work for you, and maybe there are other options that fit your lifestyle better for working out from home! Always try new things and remember that you don’t have to be stuck doing the same workouts when at home!
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