About Us



On a sunny day in the great state of Texas about 4 years ago, while working on my final grad school project, I decided that I needed to take a break.

Typically, my break consisted of watching a little TV, going to Starbucks, or just taking a walk, but this day was different. I laced up my tennis shoes, put on a tank and shorts, and began to run. I felt invigorated, energized, and pretty sore afterwards, but I knew that I had a new passion: fitness.

Ever since that day, I have enjoyed trying all types of different workout and fitness routines, and I feel great about who I am! Working out gives me confidence, a challenge, and a new outlook each day.


I started Shine Athletica with three core goals in mind:

1. To provide women with inspirational fitness apparel that promotes confidence inside and out.

2. To inspire women to have the courage to work out in any environment and express themselves.

3. To promote consistency in women's workout routines by providing high-quality fitness apparel at an affordable price

I want women everywhere to find their "thing" like I did, and to love who they are when excersizing! No matter what that "thing" is, enjoy it, embrace it, and Shine On!

- Heather Warner, CEO